Training & Development

Training and development of employees plays a vital role in an organization. Not only does it enhances the skills of the employees to bring about better productivity at work, it also increases employee motivation and satisfaction. For the company, it strengthens the knowledge, skills and ability of the workforce, allows cross-deployment, reduces cost and improves the quality of your product and services.

Training & development brings about long term benefits to both the employee and the company, the training team at Yeo Hong will do our utmost to make this a reality. We have a range of training and testing courses that meet your organization’s needs. Do browse through the options below to find something that meet your requirements.

The Institute Of Technical Education (ITE) launched the Certified for On The Job Training Center (COJTC) system to recognize OJTs conducted by employers and to encourage more companies to improve the quality of their OJT program. Under the system, ITE would accord recognition to companies which are committed to training and have the capability to conduct good OJT programs by awarding them the COJTC status. Yeo Hong is one of the few qualified companies in the field to qualify for COJTC.

Why OJT?

Cuts down unnecessary over training and relearning.

Facilitates job rotation and redevelop multifunctional employees thus enables organizations to cope with changes in equipment, personnel and production needs.

Strengthens the bonds between employees and supervisors and allows employees to develop an attachment to the company, resulting in lower employee turnover.

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ITE Skills Assessment Centre (SAC)

Yeo Hong is certified by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) as the Skills Assessment Centre (SAC) for Rigging & Material Handling, General Fitting and Plants Equipment Fitting testing. Upon successful completion of these tests, the participants will be awarded with a SET Level 1 certificate.

Rigging and Material Handling

Under this course, the workers are trained and tested to lift material using tripod/trolley/crane or guide winch in lifting of common loads such as steel plates, gate valves, pumps and various pipes. Trainees are to ensure a smooth and safe lifting of the loads from one location to another. They are also taught to perform general maintenance on lifting gears and equipment.

General Fitting

This is a fundamental course evaluating candidates on their ability to identify and use various hand tools for basic fitting skills such as fabrication of small pipes and tubes. They're also required to be able to understand the common valves used in the industry, remove & install gaskets and performing of hydro & pneumatic testing.

Plant Equipment Fitting

Being the only test centre in this area, our testers examines and ensures that the candidates are capable of performing preventive maintenance and basic repairs of process equipment such as heat exchanger, furnace appurtenances (burners, soot blowers), internal components of pressure vessel (distribution pipes, demister pads), distillation towers, bulk storage tanks (breather vents, weather shields) and boilers (drum, level gauges). They are also taught to assist in the disassembly and installation of equipment like pumps, compressors and industrial valves.

MOM Accredited Training Centre

We're also certified by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as the Accredited Training Centre (ATC) for the conduct of Signalmen & Rigger Course. Yeo Hong is well equipped with the necessary training and testing apparatus and facilities managed by a team of qualified trainers and testers, ensuring that all trainees receives nothing but the best training possible.

Signalman & Rigger Course

Under the Workplace Safety & Health Act, all signalmen and riggers employed in lifting operations are required to undergo training courses approved by the Commissioner of Workplace Safety & Health from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Signalmen and Rigger course equip participants with the basic knowledge of standard verbal and hand signals necessary for lifting operations, identification and selection of various types of lifting gears applicable for different loads types, checking and maintenance of slings, chains and ropes. The course also teaches the participants to determine the weight and center of gravity of various types of loads ensuring safe lifting operations. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with certificates, certifying them as qualified riggers and signalmen.

Enhanced Safety Orientation Course For Workers

The CSOC is a mandatory WSH training course for all workers working in the construction industry. Currently, all workers (regardless of whether they are local or foreign nationals) in the construction industry are required to attend and pass the CSOC to ensure they attain the key knowledge on work safety before they start work at the worksite.

The CSOC is directly linked to the issuance of work permits for both the new and existing foreign workers. All new workers are required to take the CSOC within 14 days of their arrival to Singapore before their work permits can be issued, and to pass the CSOC test within 3 months. For all existing workers (be it locals or foreign nationals), re-certification of CSOC is required

The enhanced CSOC is targeted at ensuring all workers receive more in-depth knowledge and skills training to better equip and prepare them for their roles at the worksites. The introduction of the practical component will help familiarise workers with training in lifting postures, fire fighting skills, and working at height.

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to recognize common safety and health hazards, understand the measures to avoid injuries and diseases in the construction site, awareness of the dangers at the construction sites and enable workers to understand their role in the prevention of accidents.

Work At Height Course For Workers

The aim of the course is to provide course participants with the requisite work at height knowledge (WAH) so that they can perform their WAH activities properly and safely. The participants will be taught to :

Identify relevant Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) legislations / approved codes of practice / Singapore standards applicable to WAH and roles and responsibilities

Demonstrate the understanding of use and care for the various fall arrest systems and equipment

Work At Height For Supervisors

All line supervisors, foremen and those in-charge of workers who are performing work-at-height tasks. This course is meant to provide delegates with the requisite Work At Height knowledge to supervise and manage work at height activities and prepare permit to work so that these work can be carried out properly and safely. The participants will be taught to :

Identify the various Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) legislations / codes of practice / approved codes of practice / Singapore standards applicable to WAH

Conduct risk assessment on safety & health hazards and implement preventive measures related to working at height

Identify, use and care for the various fall arrest systems and equipment

Develop and implement a Fall Protection Plan

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