Training & Development

Training and development of employees plays a vital role in an organization. Not only does it enhances the skills of the employees to bring about better productivity at work, it also increases employee motivation and satisfaction. For the company, it strengthens the knowledge, skills and ability of the workforce, allows cross-deployment, reduces cost and improves the quality of your product and services.

Training & development brings about long term benefits to both the employee and the company, the training team at Yeo Hong will do our utmost to make this a reality. We have a range of training and testing courses that meet your organization’s needs. Do browse through the options below to find something that meet your requirements.

The Institute Of Technical Education (ITE) launched the Certified for On The Job Training Center (COJTC) system to recognize OJTs conducted by employers and to encourage more companies to improve the quality of their OJT program. Under the system, ITE would accord recognition to companies which are committed to training and have the capability to conduct good OJT programs by awarding them the COJTC status. Yeo Hong is one of the few qualified companies in the field to qualify for COJTC.

Why OJT?

Cuts down unnecessary over training and relearning.

Facilitates job rotation and redevelop multifunctional employees thus enables organizations to cope with changes in equipment, personnel and production needs.

Strengthens the bonds between employees and supervisors and allows employees to develop an attachment to the company, resulting in lower employee turnover.